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My Time

Nearly every aspect of Jessica Durn’s life is not going well. Even after returning to her hometown, nothing much has improved. Her job is not living up to her expectations. Her efforts to curb her obsession with sex are failing. To add to her misery, Jessica is harboring a strange fear that she might be transforming into a man.

While Jessica eliminates her femininity through a variety of unusual habits, her old flame, Jake Carver, unexpectedly resurfaces. As Jessica realizes the years apart have not quelled their chemistry, she attempts to avoid Jake. But when her mother suddenly falls ill, Jessica is convinced to spend time at the Carver family cabin to regain perspective. After an uninvited Jake descends, they must now determine how to coexist without touching each other—a challenge that may be greater than they ever realized.

My Time is the story of a woman’s sexually adventurous journey as she tests her limits and discovers everything she believes to be true about herself, her family, and the men in

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Ebook 978-1-4834-4591-5 (April 14, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-4592-2

Conference Time

On her way to a national conference in San Antonio, Texas, Tory Stanton considers ways she could vanish from her dull and dissatisfying life, leaving her husband and children behind. She dreams of just once doing something unusual or even crazy—like having wild, passionate sex with a man who is not her husband. Chris Enns, one of the conference organizers, is drawn to Tory the moment he sees her. They flirt and then hook up, intending it to be a one-time event. Next year, when they meet again at the same conference, things have changed—but Chris and Tory still cannot deny their attraction. Over the course of the next few years, they get together annually, at each conference, exploring their sexual limits. But when fate intervenes and they learn hard truths about each other, can they find a new relationship based in more than just sex? In this erotic romance, two people who hook up yearly at a conference must find another way to make their relationship work.

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Ebook 978-1-4834-5752-9 Paperback 978-1-4834-5753-6 (August 25, 2016) Hardcover 978-1-4834-5751-2 (August 25, 2016)

Her First Loves, His Only

Karley Stevens is fragile and wounded in body and soul, seeking only to disappear from the world, when she meets Luc Genres. Still overcoming past trauma, Karley is surprised by the intensity of Luc’s attraction to her. Although she feels damaged, she allows herself to be loved by this man, always wondering if he wants to save her or possess her. Together, they come upon commitment difficulties in a shared time of sexual experimentation and new experiences. Karley soon meets Ian and Kent who teach her how sex can be used for different reasons—more than pleasure alone. She then explodes from her shell when she saves a man’s life and becomes stronger than she could have imagined.

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Ebook 978-1-4834-4920-3 (Sept 9, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-4921-0 (August 25, 2016)

Winning Time

In this pair of erotic thrillers, author L. L. Conrad presents two new tales from her Time series. Blind Winners Nearly blinded on the job, former police officer Steven Harton has given up on life and stopped answering phone calls or e-mails from his family. His brother contacts nurse Janette Taylor, a childhood acquaintance, to check on him. She begins the process of helping him take care of himself. But when gang members come to take Steven out, fear of the threat to Jan helps him know just how much she means to him. Losers and Winners Braedon Stoward has endured extreme physical torture, kept near death by his tormentors for months. Now returned to his family’s estate in England, he fully expects to die. His mother brings in Janette as a last attempt to save him. Over several months, she slowly brings him back to himself, helping him heal. But when she suddenly goes missing, Braedon must combine resources with a man from Jan’s past to find the one woman who made them both whole.

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Ebook 978-1-4834-5749-9 (Sept 16, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-5750-5 (August 25, 2016)

Mrs. V. Time

Samantha Carlisle has long been known to her son’s best friend, Kyle, as Mrs. V.—short for Valenza, her last name when the boys were growing up. Although she went back to her maiden name after her divorce, he still thinks of her that way—and still has a crush on his friend’s beautiful mother. Now that Kyle is a grown man, he has come back into her life and wants to be more than just her neighbor. He introduces her to his boss and friend, Andrew, an older man with a difficult past and with whom Kyle already has a relationship. The three quickly become embroiled in an adventure of self-exploration and passion. But Sam’s previous experiences leave her wanting to avoid any kind of permanent commitment with anyone, let alone two men. Only time will tell if the love among the three will be sufficient to overcome her hesitation. In this erotic novel, two men work to win the love of a woman struggling to overcome the trauma of her past and find a new future.

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Ebook 978-1-4834-5393-4 (Sept 9, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-5394-1

Make-Up Time

When your mother has had sex with your new lover and your estranged husband tells you he has always had a thing for her as well, life becomes a little complicated. Petra’s mother, Christa Maslow, is a well-known author of erotic romance novels—and also adventurous in her own sex life. She’s drawn to Petra’s husband, Max; trying to squash those feelings, she begins a liaison with Stefan, a young man from her publishing company. Meanwhile, Petra’s marriage is teetering on the edge of disaster as she struggles with mental illness. As the women deal with their various demons, they have separate and very different sexual encounters with each other’s lovers at times in their lives when they need it most. But only time will tell whether the willingness to try to understand and forgive each other can make up for the conflict of the past and bring each woman the love she needs. As the loves of mother and daughter grow entangled, they embark on difficult journeys toward self-revelation

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Ebook 978-1-4834-5410-8 (Sept 9, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-5411-5 (August 29, 2016)

The Son, The Father, The Brother

Karley Stevens is a nurse who has a strange effect on all the men around her, including her patients. Although she has an unwarranted reputation of being easy, she wants nothing to do with the opposite sex. But as Karley is about to discover, sometimes life does not go as planned.

It has been ten years since Karley left her ex. Despite her attempts to keep busy as a healthcare assassin who discreetly ends the lives of certain patients, she soon finds herself attracted to Jason Mars, who is battling both kidney disease and secret fantasies about Karley. When Jason’s craving for human contact leads him to make his fantasies come true with Karley, she struggles to understand the power of lust and trust as she is led to places she never imagined and to the shocking realization that survival is her only goal.

In this erotic tale, a woman who sets out on a passionate journey to satisfy her desires discovers that attraction has no boundaries as a chain of unanticipated events transforms her destiny.

Ebook 978-1-4834-5830-4 (Oct 11, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-5831-1 (Sept 29, 2016)

Rescued and Bound

Karley is missing and Justin must find her before he loses the one woman he wants to be tied to for the rest of his life. The problem is that even before her disappearance, she was not keen on making a commitment to one man and appeared to be leading a double-life that has likely landed her in trouble. When he has no choice but to get help from a cop, Luc, who still loves her, then another lover from her past, Ron, who joins them to rescue her, he feels that his chances of making it with her are fading. Justin does not like the idea of sharing her with them, but may have no choice.

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Ebook 978-1-4834-5734-5 (Sept 23, 2016) Paperback 978-1-4834-5735-2